I’m happy single after breakup – Additi Gupta

Actress Additi Gupta best known for shows like Qubool Hai, Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil, Ishqbaaaz and Pardesh Mein Hai Mera Dil talks about herself, marriage and future plans.

Talking about herself she described Additi, “Additi is a fun loving person, very experimental, I love experimenting. I’m confident to an extent yet confused say when it comes to camera, I hold some confidence but confused about silly things like about cloths or outfits! (Laughs) but overall I’m good, feel soo! I’m a person you can rely on and a good listener too. I can be a good friend too.”

We asked if she allow her personal and professional affairs mixing up. She reveals that she messes up many a times, “I mostly mess up! Like if I had anything wrong professionally. I sulk about it at home as I bring my problems back to home. Be it was my partner or my parents they can see me sulking. And other way if personally I’m not fine. People at set will read it by my face. But yes, while I’m working I forget all about it as acting is my passion so I enjoy it when into it, I’m out of additi and is totally the character I’m playing. I’m verymuch punctual and concern about my commitments.”

Further talking about her marriage plans she added in her statement, “I dnt feel like have started planning about my marriage so early. But yes its a wish of my parents who want to see me settled. Even the society, keep asking my parents about my marriage plans such questions are sometimes funny else irritating and also let you blushh (laughs). I’m happy single AFTER breakeup. But as of now I’m not dating anyone but enjoying being single.”

“Like anyone even I wana see myself growing more and more. I am enjoying my success but yet I need more. and I feel of really working hard for it and will get it. I’m thankful to my fans that their love has actually add identity to my name. It gives you peace and pleasure that your hard work has not gone waste,” she concludes.