A 16-year old boy booked for sending hoax mail of Bomb Blast at Salman Khan’s Galaxy apartment


On December 4, Mumbai Police reportedly received a shocking mail about a bomb being planted at Salman Khan’s residence at Galaxy Apartments. The e-mail said that a bomb was scheduled to go off within the next two hours.””Bandra me Galaxy, Salman Khan ke ghar par agle 2 ghante me blast hoga, rok sakte ho to rok lo (Within the next two hours, a bomb blast will occur at Salman Khan’s residence at the Galaxy Apartments in Bandra. Stop it if you can),” the email sent by the boy read.

Immediately, several police officers Iincluding Dr Manoj Kumar Sharma, Additional Commissioner of Police, and the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS) rushed to Salman’s residence, to investigate however they could find nothing suspicious. “We checked every nook and corner of his apartment, and the building, which took us around three to four hours. Only after that, the family was shifted back to their apartment,” said an officer from the Bandra police station as quoted by Hindustan Times.

As per the latest report, turns out it was a hoax mail sent by a 16-year old boy from Ghaziabad. The Mumbai Police tracked down the teenager by sending a team to Ghaziabad while the boy shielded himself at the Tis Hazari Court.In his absence, the police met his elder brother in Ghaziabad and after explaining the case to him, he convinced his 16-year old brother to return home. The boy, thereafter, was served a notice to present himself before the Bandra police.

“The teenager came to the police station and we produced him before the juvenile court. We filed a final report (charge sheet) against him (for a non-cognizable offence) after which the court allowed him to go,” the police inspector added as quoted by HT.

The 16-year old has been booked for sending a hoax mail to the Bandra police station, claiming that a bomb was set to go off at Salman Khan’s residence. Salman was not at home when the police arrived at his residence. We wonder what does the superstar has to say about this whole nuisance that disturbed his family’s state of mind.


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