A mother understands what the child does not say- this is the story of Rohan and Kaku – Nitesh Pandey


Sony Entertainment Television’s upcoming show Indiawaali Maa portrays the love of a mother towards her son and spins around the fact that you’re never too old to need your mother and you can always reach out to her at any time of your life. The show features an ensemble cast starring Suchita Trivedi as Kaku (aka Indiawaali Maa), Nitesh Pandey as Hasmukh, and Akshay Mhatre as Rohan.

This show is written from the heart and will reach the hearts of every person who is watching, and the viewers will witness the most endearing story of a mother set on a journey to help her son through difficult times. It is not just a show, it is a feel of all the mothers of our country.

Giving us the understanding of the show, Nitesh shares that, “No relationship on earth is so passionate, so deep-seated, so sincere and so genuine as one existing between a mother and her child. It is based on the highest and the most unselfish form of love. Indiawaali Maa will strike an emotional chord with the viewers as they can relate to this show.”
Adding further to this, he said,” A mother understands what a child does not say.” Indeed, there exists a dynamic between mother and children. Mothers can hear sentences in the silence of their children. God has given mothers the special gift of intuition because it gives her a strong sense of what is right for her children, what they are good at, how they may excel in the future what gifts and abilities she needs to make sure are developed in their lives as God intended and Indiawaali Maa is an ode to all the mothers.”

Watch Nitesh Pandey as Hansmukh in Indiawaai Maa from 31st August, Monday to Friday only on Sony Entertainment Television at 8:30 PM.


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