A throwback comment from SS Rajamouli on Pan- India star Prabhas stands true even today, the actor is working on multiple Pan-India films


Pan- India star Prabhas’ fandom has grown tenfold over the years and the global fandom which is second to none was the reason Baahubali broke records on an international scale. He may now have 4 Pan-India projects under his belt but not to take away anything from his hard work and commitment here is a throwback to SS Rajamouli’s comment on his brightest colleague’s determination from Baahubali days.

SS Rajamouli the Baahubali director in a throwback comment mentioned, “Prabhas had three consecutive hits and producers kept running after him with money but he only focused on Baahubali”. This shows how much he was committed to his work and the result was the biggest hit in history of Indian cinema.

Only the actor knows how he went on for 4-5 years only focusing on Baahubali and let other offers slide, that speaks volumes about his passion to his craft. He got ripped for the role and didn’t look for any other work while the historic movie was being made. Even now with 4 Pan-India films signed already the offers just keep coming his way.

A very bankable name in the industry, Prabhas had a fairly busy lockdown as he had a lot of scripts to read and announcing movie back to back must have surely made his fans a lot happy.

With AdiPurush, Radheshyam, Salaar and Deepika Padukone starrer unnamed, Prabhas makes it 4 Pan – India films in the pipeline. He will be starring in various genre films for his upcoming projects like Mythology, Romantic drama, Sci-fi, and the unrevealed genre for Salaar.


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