Actor and Digital Sensation Mr Faisu Reveals ‘2407 Crush Gold,’ His Signature Fragrance for Special Occasions


The launch, from the largest creator-led brand in India, marks Faisu’s
second offering from the 2407 lifestyle line

Mumbai, February 19th, 2021: Actor and digital sensation Faisal Shaikh aka Mr Faisu has unveiled a new fragrance, the 2407 Crush Gold deodorant. The scent marks his second signature offering since 2019’s fresh and versatile 2407 Crush. With the launch of Crush’s Gold variant, Faisu offers his fans a flamboyant scent for special occasions. The arrival of the 2407 Crush Gold deodorant forms yet another monumental milestone for Faisu in 2021. The Internet superstar recently made his acting debut in ALTBalaji and ZEE5’s action/thriller series Bang Baang and also wowed fans in singer-songwriter Ishaan Khan’s music video for the romantic ballad “De Ijaazat.” With the launch of his new deodorant, Mr Faisu further cements himself as a creative and entrepreneurial maverick.

Says Mr Faisu,
“2407 Crush Gold is all about confidence. The team at Qyuki and I have worked together and created this deodorant — my second signature offering from 2407 — in order to help people feel comfortable, to let their personalities shine through.
The luxurious scent ensures that the wearer’s arrival to any event, in life or otherwise,
never goes unnoticed. I hope you feel empowered by 2407 Crush Gold.
It’s bound to make your special occasions memorable.”

Faisu’s 2407 Crush Gold deodorant arrives in a slick, metallic, gold bottle with luxe silver and brown detailing. Built to make one stand out in a crowd, the deodorant aims to turbocharge the confidence of its wearer, allowing them to shine no matter the time or event. The 2407 Crush Gold deodorant is the definition of making a bold statement. Its rich scent is bound to cloak you in undeniable class and style. Wherever you go wearing the 2407 Crush Gold deodorant, you’ll leave a memorable impression. The scent is now available exclusively on the brand’s official website The fragrance will also hit popular e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart in the next few weeks.

2407 Crush Gold is the fourth addition to Faisu and his super social media creator group Team 07’s flagship lifestyle brand 2407. Since its debut in 2019, 2407 has gone on to become the largest creator-led brand in India. It’s the only such brand to have achieved this milestone in a year’s time. Given 2407’s incredible success, fans can expect a slew of new releases from the brand soon. 2407 will expand its range of lifestyle products in 2021, offering skincare and haircare items too. The brand has been rolling out plenty of popular fragrances since its debut, including Crush and Crush Gold by Faisu, Intense by Hasnain and Roar by Adnaan. Fans can expect similar launches from the rest of Team 07 in the upcoming months.


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