Actress Shruti Sharma stayed inside a coffin for a couple of minutes at a stretch for Colors Namak Issk Ka’s recent episode


Chamcham’s andaaz, her chemistry with Yug, and her struggles, the audience have loved it all. From the very beginning of the show, the viewers could not resist speculating about when, how, and with whom Chamcham (played by Shruti Sharma) would get married? Though she hasn’t found the man of her dreams, she almost got married to Raunak (played by Aamir S Khan) in COLORS’ Namak Issk Ka’s recent episode.

Just when Chamcham thought that she would finally be able to free her siblings from Raunuk’s grip, Iravati’s ill intentions got in her way. By employing goons to kidnap her and bury her alive, Iravati plans on ending Chamcham’s game forever.

What makes this sequence even more exciting is that Shruti Sharma stayed inside a shut coffin for a few minutes at a stretch for the shot which was quite an experience for the young actress!

The Namak Issk Ka actress Shruti Sharma says,“This is the first time that I have shot for a scene that was so spooky. Though it seems quite easy, it was definitely challenging for me to stay in the coffin for a couple of minutes, but I am glad that it all went well. I had a memorable time shooting for it, and I am sure it is going to be a very interesting, action-packed track .”

What does Chamcham has in store for her next?

Find out , on Namak Issk Ka, every Monday – Friday at 9:00 pm, only on COLORS


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