After BB contestants Rakhi, Arshi, and Kashmira tried their best to harass Nikki Tamboli mentally and physically too, fans came out in support of her by trending AKELI SHERNI NIKKI on Twitter with over 100k tweets


With every succeeding episode of the reality show, Bigg Boss things are taking a crazy turn, and after watching the recent episode we are sure about it! Looks like the female contestants like Rakhi, Arshi, and Kashmira are quite intimidated by Nikki Tamboli’s presence in the BB house. They crossed their limits and tried their best to harass her mentally as well as physically, but fans are seeing it all as Nikkians took over social media to express their support for Miss Tamboli!

It is true, after seeing the recent episode of BB, fans have strongly come out in support of Nikki Tamboli by trending AKELI SHERNI NIKKI on Twitter with their endless tweets. “This is CLEAR HARASSMENT and MENTAL TORTURE. So that’s what this woman calls giving content? Basically, her content is #NIKKITAMBOLI then? Woww! AKELI SHERNI NIKKI”, “No matter what you look like or think you look like you’re special, and loved, and perfect just the way you are”

We totally agree with Nikkians as from every beginning of the show, Nikki Tamboli has shown every now and then that she is a strong player, and recently also when everyone tried to corner Nikki in the task, she came out even stronger. Though we are wondering, Bigg Boss has always taken strict action against such brutal behavior, and we are waiting to see what action will BB taken this time.


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