Amazon Prime Video to release a special Music Video on 15th June from ‘Sherni’, composed by Raftaar and AKASA


One of the most highly anticipated movie, Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Sherni’ headlined by Vidya Balan, is all set to release a special song on the 15th of June, dedicated to all the ‘Shernis’ out their, finding their own ways.

The heartwarming, cheerful music video will present share tales of women, who fought against all odds and put their best foot forward to emerge victorious and triumphed over every hardship.

The music video will also be featuring, known faces like Natasha Noel, a Yogini and a Body Positivity advocate, Eshna Kutty, an artist and a dancer to Dr. Trinetra Halder, a trans-woman and a content creator along with Vidya Balan.

‘Mein Sherni’ is touted to present an ode to different women, from various walks of life, who have fought as ‘Shernis’ and made it to the top, despite all the odds, with a melodious rap by Raftaar and AKASA.

Vidya Balan in the movie ‘Sherni’, will be seen playing an upright female forest officer —Vidya Vincent, who looks as ferocious and mighty as a lioness, who is all set to rule and roar across.

Produced by T-Series & Abundatia Entertainment, this Amazon Original Movie is directed by an award-winning filmmaker Amit Masurkar who’s known for his critically-acclaimed film ‘Newton’. Prime Members can stream Sherni exclusively on Amazon Prime Video starting June 18.


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