Anil Kapoor gives the most HONEST ANSWER to the success of South Indian Films


Bollywood legend Anil Kapoor has paired up with his son Harshwardhan Kapoor for his upcoming film Thar. The film is set to go live on the OTT platform Netflix from the 6th of May. Thar is a thriller film and has received a good response from the masses.

Anil Kapoor look in Thar
Anil Kapoor look in Thar

Today, a promotional press conference was kept for the film where both Anil Kapoor and Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor were present. In one of the questions, a journalist asked Anil Kapoor about the success of the South Indian films that is putting Bollywood to rest and what he has to say about it, the actor’s answer was perfect and honest. Watch his answer.

Anil Kapoor said that the South Indian Film Industry has always made good films with great stories. He even revealed that he made his debut in a Telegu film and also did a Kannada film with Mani Ratnam, He said that all the humbleness, honesty, dedication, and punctuality that he has for his work today, he learned by working in the South Indian industry.


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