Arti Singh says Krushna Abhishek was UPSET when she spoke about Rape attempt on her in Bigg Boss 13


Arti Singh surprised everyone with her amazing stint in the Bigg Boss 13 house. When the BB 13 journey started, many called her a ‘weak and confused’ contestant. However, she shocked everyone with her game as she found a place in the top 6 of the show. She made her own space in the house and was lauded for playing a clean, fair and dignified game. But, the 140 days inside the house was not a bed of roses for her. She faced a lot of ups and downs and even went through a major panic attack.

When Deepika Padukone had entered the show, Arti Singh had made a shocking revelation about her past life, when the actress asked housemates to share a difficult moment that they’ve surpassed. During the interaction, she narrated an incident, when her house help attempted to rape her. She stated that to save herself from getting raped, she jumped from the first floor. After Arti’s big confession, her elder brother Krushna Abhishek in an interview denied it saying that his sister did not face any rape attempt and might have said things in the flow.

Now, Arti Singh has opened up about Krushna’s remarks and clarified the same in an interview with Hindustan Times. She said that her brother and mother are upset as she is not married yet. Arti added that Krushna did not say that the rape attempt did not happen, he merely said that things went overboard and she spoke too much in the flow. Krushna felt that she must have spoken only three lines about it, but it got exaggerated to ten lines.

Arti further said that it was a normal reaction from a brother. However, her mother fumed as she felt that talking about something that is over is unnecessary. But, Arti explained it to her saying, ‘We also have a responsibility towards the society, there are many kids who do not find the courage to talk about it.’

Further clarifying Krushna’s statements, Arti stated, ‘What Krushna meant that nothing had happened, and at least I was safe. He wanted me to cut it short and not talk about it so much. He wasn’t proving me wrong. It was just in a protective streak.’


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