Bigg Boss 13: Arhaan Khan’s ex-girlfriend REACTS to his first marriage; Says He Lied to Me too


Bigg Boss 13 contestants Arhaan Khan and Rashami Desai’s love affair has been making the headlines for quite some time now. From their mushy romance to Arhaan’s past and the recent turmoil in their relationship, everything about their affair has been grabbing the eyeballs. Recently, Arhaan and Rashami’s relationship witnessed a drastic twist after host Salman Khan exposed the actor’s first marriage and his child. While the revelation came as a shock to everyone, Arhaan’s former girlfriend Amrita Dhanoa asserted that she too wasn’t aware of the actor’s wedding.

This isn’t all. Arhaan was also spotted talking about Rashami’s financial status on the show. While the Dil Se Dil Tak actress had still accepted him, everyone has been brimming with opinions over Arhaan’s truth.

Amid these, it was Arhaan Khan’s former girlfriend Amrita Dhanoa who also expressed her views about the ongoing emotional drama in the house and stated that Rashami is faking her relationship now. “I think she is faking her relationship with him. Is she not aware that she will have to answer many questions once she is out of the show?” Amrita said in an interview. She also emphasised that Rashami isn’t as sweet as she pretends to be on Bigg Boss 13 and might be aware of Arhaan’s truth from the beginning.

Calling them partner in crime, Amrita asserted that Rashami and Arhaan are faking things for the show and will not tie the knot. “I am not supporting Rashami because now that she knows everything and is still faking things with him inside the house. I think they are playing Bunty-Babli. Maybe she already knows everything and they are both crime partners. Nandish Sandhu’s ex-girlfriend Varsha Bhagwani also told me that Rashami is not as sweet as she is showing on the show, it is all just for the show. Once she is out of the show, she is not going to marry him. Either ways, it is illegal as he is not divorced,” she added.

Talking about the same, Amrita stated that while she was in a relationship with Arhaan for five years, she came to know about his marriage after Salman exposed him. Recalling her relationship with the BB13 contestant, the lady asserted that after a relationship of five years, Arhaan vanished for a year on the pretext of earning money from the family business. “He totally vanished for a year but then one day he called me and told me that I got married and later denied it saying I am joking. So, that is the kind of person he is,” Amrita said in an interview to News18.

Furthermore, she stated that after Salman exposed him on national television she realized that he wasn’t kidding about his marriage. “I think he got married in 2011,” Amrita added.

To recall, Amrita had also alleged that Arhaan had taken Rs. 5 lakhs from her and hasn’t returned it yet. In fact, she even filed a cheating case against him. She emphasised, “Arhaan is the kind of person who uses girls as ladder for his career and for money that is what he has been doing since all these years.”

Amrita expressed her wish to enter Bigg Boss 13 for a day and expose Arhaan on national television. She mentioned, “I will disclose everything. I don’t want any other girl to fall in his trap.”

Meanwhile, Arhaan and Rashami had taken a break from the relationship on the show and giving each other some time to focus on the game.



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