Bigg Boss 13 contestant Sidharth Shukla down with typhoid


Sidharth Shukla, who has been wooing the audience with his strong game in the ongoing season of Bigg Boss, is not well. He has been diagnosed with typhoid. According to a source, Sidharth is on proper medication and has been instructed by the doctors to take proper rest.

“He is under proper supervision. The makers are taking proper care of his food and other facilities,” the source added.

Fans of the actor were truly moved by his resilience. They took to social media to cheer on their favourite contestant and praised him for continuing his stay in Bigg Boss 13 despite his illness. On another note, Sidharth recently got into a physical fight with Asim Riaz once again during the Junction task that took place on yesterday’s episode.

While doing the task, Sidharth got angry and pushed Asim. Fans of Asim were enraged by this act of violence and started the #WeStandWithAsim movement on Twitter. It remains to be seen if Sidharth will get any punishment as this is the second time he has had a physical fight with Asim. 


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