Bigg Boss 13: Hindutani Bhau aka Vikas Phatak Interview After Eviction


In the preview of the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, it was shown that there were double evictions where Madhurima Tuli and Shehnaz Gill names were suggested. A lot of drama was created around Shehnaz Gill’s eviction but later, Salman announced Vikas Phatak aka Hindustani Bhau’s name for eviction.

Hindustani Bhau thanked Bigg Boss and Salman Khan for letting him out of the house as he wanted to meet his family. Arhaan Khan was very sure that Bhau isn’t getting evicted and assured that the main door won’t open. However, Bhau knew that it was his turn to get eliminated.

Talking about his journey inside the house, Bhau entered the house as a wild card contestant and became everyone’s favourite. He tried being good to everyone and remained in the good books of most of the contestants.

Hindustani Bhau is known for his instigative speech and abusive language on social media. Watch Hindutani Bhau aka Vikas Phatak Explosive Interview Below:


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