Bigg Boss 14: My money is on Jasmin Bhasin, says Dil Se Dil Tak co-star Sachin Parikh


Actor Sachin Parikh is rooting for his Dil Se Dil Tak co-star Jasmin Bhasin, who is currently locked up in the Bigg Boss 14 house. The actor says that he is loving her performance in the show and that she is not putting up a facade for anyone. “Well! this is how Jasmin is. She is one of the most genuine human beings that I have met, and she is the same in the show. You will see when she has a problem with something, she will speak up…but she knows when to stop and respects everyone’s boundaries. You will never see her just screaming for no reason,” he says, adding, “This year, unless there is a wild card entry who is better than the contestants in the house, my money is on Jasmin. She is a happy-go-lucky and quirky girl. We shot together for almost a year and a half for Dil Se Dil Tak. She is the right candidate for winning this show. She knows how to deal with various kinds of people. She has a very good quality of being straight forward and blunt as well.”

Ask him who he would like to see locked up in the house, and he says, “I would like to see two celebrities; one is a veteran director Mahesh Bhatt and the other is casting director Mukesh Chabbra. I want to see Mahesh Bhatt because he is always in the news for some or the other reason. He has been a fabulous director and the type of blockbusters that he has given Indian cinema have been commendable. It would be interesting to see how he would deal with the other contestants in the show.”

He adds, “I want to see Mukesh Chabbra because he is one of the top-most star casting directors in the last few years. I would like to see how the other contestants are with him since they know that he does the casting for a lot of big films! How all chaplusi and groupism takes place keeping him in the centre. How he deals with it? It would be really interesting to see.”

Talking about superstar host Salman Khan, Sachin says, “Salman Khan is always my favourite host. His presence and aura on Bigg Boss is something else! His approach with all the contestants as a host is always unique. He reads each and every contestant’s mind, behaviour and personality. It is always entertaining to see him scolding them, pulling their leg and advising the contestants as per their traits.


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