Did the mid-credit scene in Without Remorse hint at a sequel that has Jack Ryan and John Clark together? We can’t wait!


Without Remorse premiered on Amazon Prime Video, ten days ago and fans cannot stop raving about how good the movie is and even more so, after watching the mid-credit scene. The scene has hinted to a sequel, and fans want an official announcement soon.

The mid-credit scene that sees Michael B. Jordan’s character (John Kelly) been given a new identity of John Clark. Those familiar with the ‘Ryan-verse’ are well aware of Clark’s ability to go down and dirty to the dark places that Ryan never would. The scene teases fans and people who know Clark’s place in the books and the character constructed by Tom Clancy anticipate the sequel now more than ever.

The movie’s mid-credit scene featured mention of the Rainbow squad. The book readers must have an idea about the team Rainbow Six which features heavily in Ryanverse, the mention of it in the movie may have a totally different meaning. However, if speculations are to be believed the fans can get excited because whatever significance the term may hold. It more or less teases about a much needed sequel and it may feature the Rainbow team from the novels giving a nod to Jack and John working together.

Without Remorse is not just any action-film but it is an emotional journey of the character. The famed author, Tom Clancy published the book in 1993 with the same title, Amazon Prime Video also has earlier presented ‘Jack Ryan’ — also adapted from the author’s work earlier.

Watch Without Remorse on Amazon Prime Video. Directed by Stefano Sollima, the film sees Michael B Jordan’s return as Agent Kelly, others in the cast include Jamie Bell, Jodie Turner-Smith and Guy Pearce.


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