EXCLUSIVE | Ram Charan reacts on Salman Khan’s remark on Hindi films not doing good in South.


SS Rajamauli’s RRR has just crossed 1000 crores in business at the global box office. The film has become one of the top 4 grosser in Indian cinema.

Recently, at the promotional event of IIFA, Salman Khan was asked about the success of RRR, to which he said that he is very happy about the success of the film. Both Tarak and Ram, I am very happy for them as they are doing so well here but I don’t understand why our Hindi films don’t do so well in the South because their films do well here. It didn’t come out as a surprise as though the statement might have raised some eyebrows, but what Bhaijaan said, had a point.

The IIFA press conference when Salman Khan made remarks on Hindi films not doing well in South.

Salman Khan remarks on Hindi films not doing well in South, during IIFA 2022 Press Conference

Ram Charan was recently asked about his comments on his long-time friend Salman Khan’s remarks to which he said, “I want a director from Hindi cinema to make a pan-Indian film which caters to even the South. Salman tweeted saying, I really love Ram, Rajamouli, and Tarak’s work why are our films not being appreciated in South. It is so candid and honest of him to say that but I believe it is not Salman ji’s fault or some film’s fault, it is writing; it is the director who has to transcend these boundaries of ‘hamara movie idhar hi dekhenge, hamara movie udhar hi dekhenge’ Every writer should write a movie like Vijayendra Prasad (RRR) or Rajamouli and say ‘believe in it.”

It has been observed that where the Hindi film industry or Bollywood, is working on creating content-driven films, whereas, the South Indian Film Industry has mastered the art created by the Bollywood of the 70s hence, they are creating the angry-young-man type characters in films like KGF and Pushpa.


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