Facts about the Akshardham attack


On 24th September 2002, a terrorist attack took place in Gandhinagar, Gujarat at Akshardham temple. Over 30 people lost their lives and over 80 were injured as a result of the gruesome, unholy attacks. The National Security Guard (NSG) arrived at the destination, took charge of the situation, successfully killed the terrorists and ended the siege. Whether it was the 26/11 Mumbai attacks or Akshardham, the NSG has always showcased their will and determination to save the lives of innocent people and successfully capture / kill the terrorists.
Below are a few details about the attack that you should know:

Below are a few details about the attack that you should know:
1) A large number of citizens were killed: Apart from the 27 people killed in the first assault, two state police officers and one commando were also killed in the action

2) A case study for others: The Akshardham attack and the response to it became a case study for the NSG. Brigadier Raj Seetapathy, the NSG commando in charge of the rescue mission called ‘Operation Thunderbolt’ or ‘Operation Vajra Shakti’, asserted that the response to the Akshardham terror attack had become a benchmark of clock-work achievement

3) Arrival of NSG – Two buses of NSG commandos and one bus filled with NSG equipment arrived at Akshardham

4) Loss of our soldiers: One state police officer and one commando lost their lives. Another commando, Surjan Singh Bhandari, was seriously injured and died in May 2004, after being comatose for two years

5) A shopkeeper helped the terrorists: It is believed that a shopkeeper helped the terrorists inside by keeping giving them information to save his son hostage inside the temple

ZEE5’s State of Siege is a franchise that reminds us of the NSG heroes who fought for us. State of Siege: Temple Attack will take you through their journey and all behind the scenes actions of a dreadful temple attack.
State of Siege: Temple Attack releasing on 9th July is an Original film inspired by true events.
We see Akshaye Khanna back in the uniform after many years, Vivek Dahiya back as an NSG commando after the State of Siege: 26/11 and Gautam Rode. The dream team who created State of Siege: 26/11, Contiloe Pictures (Abhimanyu Singh) is producing the film, directed by Ken Ghosh who helmed the hugely popular and successful Abhay 2 as well. Lt. Col (retd.) Sundeep Sen (2nd in command at the NSG during the dreadful 26/11 Mumbai attacks) was a consultant on both the State of Siege projects.

State of Siege: Temple Attack is slated to premiere on 9th July on ZEE5.

 Watch the trailer here:


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