Himanshi Khurana Interview After Eviction | Asim & My Relationship Is Not Fake


Punjabi model and Bigg Boss 13 contestant Himanshi Khurana has been evicted from the house. Himanshi has been quite an interesting but underwhelming contestant. The Punjabi celebrity was recently brought into the Bigg Boss house to add more drama to the show. Thanks to her animosity with Shehnaaz Kaur Gill outside the house, it seemed like a good opportunity to see more catfights and entertainment as the two ladies would fight. However, nothing of the sort happened. In fact, whatever issues the two Punjabi stars had with each other, simply vanished as they called it a truce. There went all the hopes for good drama.

However, with one failed plan comes another opportunity and that’s what several viewers assumed as she took up the role of the House Captain. Even there, she seemed to have disappointed fans. Not only did she underperform but also was a terrible captain, something that even Salman Khan reprimanded her for. Her journey in the house was quite boring, in terms of how the audience viewed it.

Of course, the camaraderie she shared with Shefali Jariwala and Asim Riaz did put her in the limelight. The trio certainly had each other’s backs and always stayed true to each other. Even when there were differences that cropped up between Shefali and Asim, Himanshi ensured to bridge the gaps and bring them together as friends. Together, the three made for a good strong team. But not strong enough to spark controversy or scandal that would keep the audience hooked.

Finally, Himanshi’s relationship with Asim is what brought a lot of attention and intrigue. Asim actually went out of his way to let Himanshi know that he likes her and didn’t shy away from his emotions. For a while, it did seem like Himanshi and Asim might become a thing in the Bigg Boss house. However, our hopes were shortlived. Considering how Himanshi does have a lover outside the house, she did let him down easy.

Now that Himanshi is out, watch her exclusive interview where she sheds light on several subjects, including that of her friendship with Shefali and Asim.


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