Housemates grilled by Salman Khan for their misdemeanors in Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar


If there’s one thing that the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes promise is high-octane entertainment and a whole load of drama as the master host Salman Khan takes to the stage. Salman always tells the housemates during these episodes about where they are going wrong and the course they need to take to correct their attitude in the show. In his own unique way, Salman explains to the housemates just what the audience is feeling about them and gives them a chance to become better.

In Saturday’s Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman calls Rakhi in the Bigg Boss theatre. There, he tells her in no uncertain terms, that in the name of entertainment, she has lately been going overboard. He also reminds her that while he has always supported her, he is not a fan of the entertainment she thinks she has been delivering. In a move that leaves all the housemates in a shock, Salman Khan opens the gates to the house and tells Rakhi that if she cannot stop crossing the lines of decency, she is welcome to leave the Bigg Boss House

Extremely furious with their actions, Salman Khan clearly tells the housemates that they have been behaving rather obnoxiously in the name of content. He tells them that he does not want this type of content and that he is at the end of his wits with their current behaviour! The housemates are all quite stressed and feel the weight of host Salman Khan’s concern about their actions.

To lighten up the mood in the house, and to perk up the housemates, Disha Patani and Randeep Hooda, Salman Khan’s co-stars from their upcoming film Radhe take the stage.  After some fun and dance, Randeep and Salman roast Arshi Khan wherein Randeep asks her to introduce each housemate with a unique Urdu word and the results are hilarious!

How seriously will the housemates take Salman Khan’s advice? Will they change their behavior and play a clean game?

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