How Salman Khan Helped Bigg Boss 13 To Get Highest TRPs Till Date


Salman Khan is a crowd favourite and the star enjoys a loyal fan base across all age groups across the country. Bigg Boss 13, hosted by Salman, has garnered the highest TRPs in the history of the show, and it’s also thanks to the star’s charisma and fan base.

A look at television ratings of the last few weeks of Season 13 suggests a surge in viewership over the weekend, when Salman Khan took the stage, as compared to the weekdays. While the average TRP recorded by Bigg Boss on the weekdays was 2.4, it spiked to 3.3, and at times even 3.5 on the weekends.

The show concluded on February 15 with Sidharth Shulka being crowned the winner. While the exact television ratings are yet to be out, the finale episode is predicted to be the biggest of all times in the last 10 years for any reality show. “The ratings will be anywhere between 4 to 5, which is the highest of all times,” an expert shares.

“Salman Khan is amongst the biggest superstars of the country and his face value was enough to take the show closer to the masses. Even if we keep the viewership of the show aside, Salman Khan also got a lot of brands appealing to the common man to partner on the show. It was a win-win scenario for everyone concerned,” says a market expert on the condition of anonymity.

Over the years, Bigg Boss has got synonymous with Salman Khan and the way in which the superstar lifts the show to another level with his involvement with the contestants. While for most, hosting a show is perhaps a mere formality, we have seen Salman go out of his way to resolve the turmoil of the contestants.

From getting a good hearing to desiring more attention from the superstar, each contestant displayed utmost respect for Salman, who became the driving force for the biggest season. His popularity goes beyond the barriers of age and geography. Bigg Boss 13 dominated the TRP charts, online streaming platforms as well as social media all through its four months stint.


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