Its Arshi vs Rahul and Devooleena as the nomination begins in Bigg Boss 14


Bigg Boss Synopsis Day 99

With Bigg Boss 14 moving closer to the finale, contestants are at the edge of their seats, trying to put forth their best game. Where housemates are trying to outperform each other and emerge as winners, frantic altercations have become a daily routine.

In tonight’s episode, Arshi is seen having a field day where she first refuses to do her chopping duties outright when Devoleena asks. This gets Devoleena mighty unhappy and the two have a massive showdown.

Next Rahul expresses his displeasure at Arshi’s attitude saying that she is the most negative person he has met. Where Rahul admits that their bond was thick earlier, tables have turned recently. He is quite upset with Arshi’s current negative behavior and says that she has a split personality. And Arshi gets emotional on hearing this and cries that Rahul’s comments are completely unwarranted! The nomination gets interesting with a unique book this time. Where the contestants have to tear the page bearing the name of the candidate they need to nominate. And the housemate whose page is left untorn will be safe from the eviction process. While every housemate makes sure to play their game and tear their fellow contestants’ page, Rakhi is in tears. Confused between her heart and mind, she battles her choices as she figures out which contestant to nominate!

Will Arshi be able to re-establish her relationship with Rahul, or will they be frenemies? Are Arshi and Devoleena the next big rivals in Bigg Boss?

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