Japanese sophisticated fiber Bemberg™ meets Indian handlooms with Hemang Agrawal to showcase sustainable collection – ‘Tattva’ at Lakmé Fashion Week 2020


Mumbai, 15th October 2020: Ace designer Hemang Agrawal collaborates with Japanese sustainable fibre Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei Corporation Japan, to create the exquisite sustainable ‘Tattva’ collection that represents the harmony between 12 elements of the universe. The show is scheduled on 22nd October at Lakmé Fashion Week’s digital-first, season fluid edition.

Agrawal, who specializes in textiles & apparel made from natural fibres & precious metals, deploys age-old techniques which are fast disappearing from modern-day handloom weaving, will be seen taking inspiration from the Japanese concept of ‘Godai’ for the collection.

Bemberg™ is a pure and sustainable regenerated cellulose fibre manufactured using sophisticated technology for more than 80 years and has been a part of Indian culture since more than 40 years now. Bemberg has both the gentleness of natural fibre and the functionality of man-made fibres. It is very gentle on the skin, breathable and comfortable.

Mr. Hideto Tanimoto, General Manager, Bemberg Sales and Marketing Department said, “We’re excited to be a part of the first-ever virtual show of Lakmé Fashion Week collaborating with Hemang Agrawal, Benares. We hope this collaboration will give the craftsman a chance to work with Bemberg, a sustainable cellulose fibre made with sophisticated Japanese technology and develop high-value products that will increase demand of their skills on national and international levels.”

Speaking on the collaboration, designer Hemang Agrawal mentioned, “The dexterity which the weavers in Benares have acquired, finds few parallels in the world. Although predominantly a silk-weaving centre, many master-weavers in the city are highly skilful in handling different yarn types. Japan, on the other hand, is well-known for its advanced technologies as well as its approach towards environment & sustainability as a country. Both these facts are well-reflected in the Bemberg Yarn. During our R&D, we found that the yarn, which is available in various counts & deniers is highly adaptable. The lustre, hand-feel, strength & colour depth are very well-suited for premium textiles which come out of our looms. For the collection ‘Tattva,’ our endeavour has been to merge the skill-set of Benares weavers with qualities of the Bemberg yarn, to create textiles & apparel which transcend the boundaries of what is termed as traditional Benarasi.”

There are 12 tattvas depicted in this collection and each of these elements has been represented through a separate set of textile motifs, an individual colour palette and three to four ensembles that depict each element. The collection itself would comprise a total of 36 – 40 ensembles that would encapsulate each of the 12 ‘Tattvas’.

The theme for this collection showcases rich brocades and Jacquards using Bemberg yarns, depicting the versatility of the yarns through different textiles and apparel silhouettes. The Indian, western wear and sarees that are a part of this collection are created with textiles that are Bemberg brocades in addition to some plain Bemberg fabrics and a few blends. The collection would also comprise a few menswear ensembles.

Bemberg™ aims at contributing to sustainability from numerous aspects by establishing production system with particular consideration for the control of chemicals and the environment, using cotton by-products as raw materials, and maintaining ideal relationships between business and people’s lives.



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