Kavita Kaushik Takes On Kangana Ranaut; Supports Hrithik Roshan, Adhyayan Suman


Telly actor Kavita Kaushik’s tweet in support of Hrithik Roshan and Adhyayan Suman has created a storm on social media.

Best remembered for her portrayal of Chandramukhi Chautala in FIR, Kaushik spoke her mind when she wrote, “I have gushing emotions of love, respect, empathy and more for Hrithik Roshan. Also, a huge apology is owed to Shekhar Suman and Adhyayan Suman. They are a sweet family and the hate they got from an eager-to-judge, feeding-on-lies-smeared popcorn audiences is so heartbreaking. everyone was so cruel to them at that time cos of the woman card”.

Kaushik’s tweet came in reply to a user who wrote, “Two sisters are united in thinking India is their grandfather’s property. Rangoli wants 2024 elections to be cancelled. Kangana wants a ban on Twitter.”

Adhyayan responded and wrote, “Sometimes it is better to leave things to destiny. Thank you for your kind words, Kavita (sic).” Rangoli’s Twitter account has been suspended but she will surely have something to tell Kaushik. We are waiting.


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