Knight & Dame kids talent hunt by Shreya Gautam & Pooja Jambotkar Ssmilly Suri, Aditi Sarangdhar, Shweta Rohira


Shreya Gautam, entrepreneur, lifestyle influencer and founder of Bloggers Meet Info,along with ex- Mrs. India 2013 &Mrs. Asia International and Country Leader for KangaTraining India, Pooja Jambotkar recently hosted the Knight and Dame kids pageant sponsored by Kunto World & Algorithmics. The pageant was a month-long affair and the finale was held on 13th Feb’ 2021 at Esora, wine and bistro at Goregaon.

The concept of the Knight and Dame pageant stemmed from a small idea that Shreya and Pooja had thought of. Every child is unique and has many talents and skills. Given how society is a little biased towards the education-based development of kids, these ladies wanted to do something different. They wanted to create a platform that wasn’t based on winning or losing. It had more to do with enjoying the journey and helping kids develop various skills and improve on their existing ones, through week-long training and workshop sessions conducted by various activity partners including Playydate, Connecting Dots, DMIT by Khushi, Sur Taal Masti, Enjoy A Ball, Train the Brain & The Language Bridge. They taught music, fitness, confidence building and even American Sign Language to the finalists.
This fabulous pageant was hosted by an amazing line of sponsors.
Education partner – Birla Open Minds
Fitness Brand – Kunto World
Coding Partner – Algorithmics
Event Support Partner – Relevance Entertainment, Echo Events.
Gifting Partners – Pepperwicks, Soaked Bath Elements, Amare Memoire, The Kids Klozet, Swap Fashions, Borad Edu Games, Koochi Poochi & Arth Imperial, not only showered the winners and subtitle winners with some outstanding products but also curated hampers for the judges and attendees.

The organizers of the pageant had invited judges from various walks of life and their presence made the pageant fun and inspiring. It was wonderful to see actress Ssmilly Suri, Aditi Sarangdhar and Actor & Influencer Shweta Rohira interact with the kids with extreme love and provide motivation as well.

The pageant saw kids participating from across the country. The skills and talents were not restricted to just arts or sports. The audience, witnessed kids reciting country capitals, memorizing and showcasing book sequences, playing the piano, dancing, doing tricks with the hula hoop, etc. The level of dedication showcased by the kids turned out to be a huge lesson for all the adults in the room as they were extremely confident and their smiles and excitement were worth watching.

The entire event was excellently and efficiently streamed online. Bhavna Jasra, Life Casting Artist, & Urmila Kothare, Actor were part of the special jury and announced the subtitle winners in different categories.

The Knight & Dame title winners as well as the curator duo Shreya & Pooja wore dresses designed for them by Label Sui Dhaga by Tina and adorned jewels from Arth Imperial to compliment their outfits.

The title winners were
Knight – Lohitaaksh, Age 5
Dame – Mihira, Age 5
Who won the judges heart with their talent of identifying country capitals and flags respectively.
Both the title winners hail from Birla Open Minds International School, Hyderabad and while Lohitaaksh’s hobbies include playing carrom and dancing, Mihira loves to paint and skate.
Subtitle Winners –
Daiwik Khanna – Best Dressed & Master Fit
Mihira Maanas – Best Smile
Mishkaa Khullar – Miss Spontaneity
Kavya Sri – Miss Fit
Arjun Sagi – Master Confident
As a team, Shreya and Pooja have always believed in community over competition and through this event, they strived to reaffirm that belief. This contest had close to 100 kids participating from across the country and were able to showcase what they like and enjoy without the fear of being judged. The pageant has not only been a successful one but has left a beautiful imprint on the hearts of the kids, their parents, the organizers, sponsors, and attendees and everyone looks forward to the Season 2 of Knight and Dame.


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