Koi Jaane Na director on casting Kunal Kapoor, “After meeting him I realised that he was definitely the right guy”


Kunal Kapoor will be seen in Amin Hajee’s upcoming psychological thriller, Koi Jaane Na. The talented actor will be coming back to the big screens after his last release, Gold.

Amin Hajee will be making his directorial debut with Koi Jaane Na and on being asked why he wanted Kunal Kapoor for his debut film he said, “So firstly I chose Kunal because he suited the role of the character, Kabir Kapoor, the hero! Then I went and met him and after meeting him I realised that he was definitely the right guy, not just because he suited the role to the T, but because of the person that he is.”

Adding he said, “He had been a friend of mine for a while, we had known each other because of Aamir Khan and because of Rang De Basanti and we became friends, but we were not the best of friends so I didn’t know him as much as I got to know him when I started to interact with him as a professional who would be a part of my film.”

Talking about his interactions, Amin added, “And that time I came to know in my brief interactions that he is a solid guy, who is a man of his words. He’s not the typical star that might say yes to you once on a whim just to keep you hanging and dangling and then walk away from you when you would go and follow things up and you would not get any solid reply, he was not that kind of guy.”

The debut director also added, “Always honest, forthcoming, always a call away, would always call me back if I couldn’t get through to him the first time. So those were very amazing traits in him.”

Kunal Kapoor has taken on varied roles over the years. with his most memorable performance in Rang De Basanti and his known well for his charming personality and good looks.

Koi Jane Na pairs the actor with Amyra Dastur. The Amin Hajee film will see Kunal on the big screens from the 2nd of April.


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