Malaika Arora OPENS UP about her marriage plans with Arjun Kapoor


The year 2019 has been a special year for Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora. The lovebirds, who are said to be dating each other for a while, made their relationship official this year and ever since then the duo has thrown the caution to the wind. The diva, who ditched the foreign location this time and had spent the New Year in Goa with Arjun, shared a beautiful picture of herself with her beau which won hearts. While Malaika and Arjun have been open about their relationship, the two have time and again denied tying the knot soon.

Speaking about any marriage plans in the year 2020, Malaika said to TOI that she has a lot of plans. She has to work with her team to expand her business. She really wants that to grow and get bigger and better. She has learned that they have to grab opportunities as they come by. Complacency has no place in today’s scheme of things. The year 2019 was good for her because she was not only recognised as a businesswoman but also as a brand. That was big. As for marriage, these are not things you can predict.

She further added, “We will go one step at a time. We have been very honest about where we stand, and as and when things move, we will speak about it.”

During a recent interview, when Arjun was asked about his marriage plans to Malaika, he had said that marriage is definitely not going to happen now. He said, “I’m happy on both, the personal and professional fronts. I have always been open. Be assured that I will not shock you all; if there is something to be spoken about, I will inform you all and make you a part of it.”

Credits – Times of India


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