MUST READ | Karan Kundra asks “KAUN TEJASSWI” and talks about his definition of love.


Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundra are the town’s newest, most powerful, most talked-about pair. Their love story began during BIGG BOSS, and while most people assumed it was just for the show, Karan and Tejasswi have proven the media and speculations wrong by staying together long after the show ended.

Yesterday, Viralbollywood got to interview the one and only Karan Kundra where for the first time in an interview, he revealed what love means to him, and when is he going to marry her love interest Tejasswi.

When we asked him, what is love for him to which he said, “It is subjective, when you are at the right place with the right one, everything becomes love. Eating momo roadside becomes a relationship, but when you are with the wrong person, it doesn’t matter if you are in the most expensive hotels or yachts, that won’t be love and that is the difference.”

We told Karan that a month back we interviewed Tejasswi to which he jokingly asked, “KAUN TEJASSWI, OH WOH TEJASSWI, WOH JO HARR JAGAH CHHAYI HAI” watch the clip here,

When asked about his love for Tejasswi, he said, “it’s high time, we openly accepted, we are officially dating and that is true.”

The duo was recently photographed together, but all of the fans were taken aback when Tejasswi was spotted with SINDUR on her head, almost as if they had just married. Teju later clarified the situation by stating that she had just arrived from a shoot and would only be present for 15 minutes, leaving her with insufficient time to change and apply cosmetics. Fans, on the other hand, wished that the power couple had married.

One of the nicest and most unique qualities of Karan Kundra and Tejasswi Prakash is that whenever they are recognized, whether by their fans or the paparazzi, they always greet them with affection and dialogue, no matter how busy or rushed they are. As soon as Tejasswi Prakash won Bigg Boss, within a month she started shooting for NAAGIN whereas Karan Kundra is currently hosting Dance Deewane Junior and makes active appearances on the biggest OTT show of India, LOCKUP.


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