Pankaj Tripathi explains why education is important


This weekend on The Kapil Sharma Show, popular and very well known actors Pankaj Tripathi and Manoj Bajpayee will be seen having a gala time along with Kumar Vishwas. The trio and Kapil Sharma have discussed every topic under the sun and ensured a good laugh for the audience. Will discussing funny incidents on how people react in their Desi-ness, actor Pankaj Tripathi had an interesting tale to share.

Said Pankaj, “We never used to study in childhood. Especially all the kids in my hometown. And I was also very average in studies. But we always got told one specific tale back home which highlighted the disadvantages of not studying. And I would like to share this with everyone. There used to be one old lady, who was uneducated, and she went to the doctor. She was given 2 types of medicines. The doctor handed her one liquid medicine which she had to take orally and one liquid medicine which she could apply on her joints. That led to a huge conundrum for the old lady. She said she wasn’t educated, so she couldn’t understand which one to apply and which one to drink. So the doctor tried to simplify it for her – and said hold the medicine that needs to be applied in your left hand and the one to drink in your right hand. The whole way this lady kept memorising left and right, but unfortunately got confused and did exactly the opposite of what the doctor had advised. She drank the medicine that was to be applied and applied the medicine which was to be consumed orally. This story was extremely popular across houses in my hometown and hence we were told to study so that we do not misunderstand the doctor’s prescription!”

Amidst pearls of laughter and fanfare the audience appreciated this pro tip from Pankaj. He certainly is the ‘Guruji’ when it comes to explaining things.


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