Poonam Pandey files a legal case against Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra and his associates


Poonam Pandey has filed a case in Bombay High Court against Shilpa Shetty’s husband, Raj Kundra and his associate Saurabh Kushwah. The actress states that over a period of six months she has been getting obscene calls asking her to strip from across the country and even Karachi. Poonam states that her app was managed by a company owned by Raj Kundra, with whom she had signed a contract, in March of 2019. Poonam Pandey has accused Raj Kundra of keeping the app active in spite of the fact that she had cancelled her contract with them. Poonam further states that Raj Kundra’s company reportedly leaked her personal number on the app, after which she has been getting numerous phone calls.

Poonam Pandey alleges that when she approached the police, they did not pay any heed, and refused to file a FIR. Hence, the actress reportedly states that she moved to Bombay High Court to file a legal case against Kundra and his associates. As per news reports Poonam states she cut all ties with the company that was managing her app in December 2019. According to news reports, Poonam Pandey states that she found discrepancies with respect to revenue sharing and hence terminated the contract with the company that was managing the app. The actress, Poonam Pandey states that after her personal number was leaked, she started getting obscene messages and video on her number, at odd hours.

She states that her number was leaked with messages like “Call me now as I am free to talk’ and Call me now. Let us talk and I will strip for you on the app.” News reports also suggest that Poonam Pandey’s lawyer Anand S Jondhale has reportedly said that the police did not co-operate with Poonam, so they filed a petition and are also seeking compensation for the trauma Poonam had to go through and have served a legal notice to the accused.



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