Rashmi Jha set to play ACE card now, with Ohm being evicted


1st October 2019, Mumbai: Ace of Space Season 2 is getting more intriguing as it is nearing the grand finale. Wildcards, surprises, competition for survival and evictions are adding flavors to the reality show. The pattern of the show has the viewers hooked with suspense.
Ohm Kaliraman got evicted in this week’s elimination. Rashmi Jha broke down into tears in the eliminations, as Ohm and she were close friends. But now the fans of Rashmi Jha are quite excited to see how Rashmi will play her cards in the game all by herself. We have seen Rashmi as a strong contestant in the house as since the beginning. Her team won 1st three tasks and we have also seen her take stand for herself and her opinions. In the later weeks, Ohm was seen using Rashmi’s popularity to create a positive space for himself. But now that Ohm is out of Ace of Space 2, we will get to see a more powerful Rashmi Jha. 


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