Reporter turned celebrity, Shefali Bagga takes it too far to win the Bigg Boss task; body shames Rashami Desai in the process


[9:05 PM, 10/3/2019] Nidhi PR Shimmer Entertainment: Bigg Boss 13 contestant, Shefali Bagga lashed out at actress Rashami Desai as part of one of the twisted tasks called Bigg Boss hospital, and body shamed actress Rashami Desai.

After several online and offline campaigns against body shaming carried out by women over the recent years, reporter Shefali Bagga proves that body shaming is still a persisting problem that needs to be tackled with among women. The task revealed shocking statements like, “Motape se toh size badh raha hai, par height se nahi”, made by the former reporter on Rashami, while in reality, most reporters are believed and expected to have unbiased and clean views towards sensitive issues like body shaming.

In previous seasons of Bigg Boss, the audience have witnessed women standing up for each other and restraining from body shaming but this season of Bigg Boss reveals the heartbreaking truth that body shaming still exists.

Shenaaz Gill who was also part of the task, seemed to have too respect to insult her into leaving her chair. So instead, she took to crying and physically abusing herself to get Rashami to leave her chair.

Rashami on the other hand, handled the situation very cleverly, avoided making an comments, and managed to win the task. Her maturity was seen clearly, when she didn’t react to such harsh comments and behavior, and still maintained to be neutral. It clearly shows, Rashami Desai is one of the strongest contestant and is here to win!


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