Rishi Kapoor saved Padmini kolhapure twice revealed on Indian idol 12


India is a country which is synonyms with talent and prodigies in every field . To boost this talent Sony Entertainment Television’s Indian Idol every year gives a stage to the upcoming talent and this year the talent has just raise the bar to another level. To make the episode more special this weekend the stage would be graced by the bestie duo Padmini kolhapure and Poonam Dhillion.

During the shoot of the show ,she shared many stories and one of the special one was of Rishi Kapoor. Post Pawandeep’s scintillating performance on the song Hoga Tumse Pyaar and Yeh Zameen she shared an interesting story.

Not only that both of them also shared they had especially requested that they wanted to hear Pawandeep live in the episode they are coming. Hearing this pawandeep was on cloud nine.

Padmini Kolhapure revealed, that the late Rishi Kapoor saved her twice from fire hazards. She revealed, she was saved by him during the shoot of the song hoga tumsay pyaara kaun when the entire set was caught on fire, and next time during the shoot of the blockbuster movie Prem Rog.

Padmini said “ Rishi ji was not only a great actor but a very nice human being also . He was always there to help others and he saved me twice. The respect I had for him inevitably increased. He will always be there in our prayers.

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