Salim Merchant and Vishal Dadlani hail ‘Jee Le’ as the uplifting song everyone needs to hear


When music composer, lyricist, and singer Raajeev V Bhalla and singer Benny Dayal decided to co-create an anthem of hope called ‘Jee Le’  during the ongoing pandemic, they had no idea of the impact it would have on other artistes as well as music lovers.

To start with, many artistes that the duo respect and like, instantly agreed to make a guest appearance in the song including composer and singer Vishal Dadlani who says, “I am sending big love to everyone who is connected with this song.  ‘Jee Le’ is a super track! Been stuck in my head since  I heard it!”

On social media too, listeners are connecting with the vital message the song delivers about making the most of the current moment and not worrying about the future too much. Benny Dayal who has sung the song shares, “I am happy that ‘Jee Le’ has united the nation during the pandemic and that it has become everyone’s go-to song. I receive so many messages that say the same.”

Apart from its meaningful lyrics, the tune and music too have been getting attention. As musician Salim Merchant says, “Jee Le’ is a very cool electro-funk track that truly justifies the genre and  brings out Benny’s vocal strength beautifully. The composition is breezy and has been produced very well by Raajeev.”

Raajeev adds, “What we wanted was to reach out to people and tell them that they are not alone. We are all struggling but we can all get through this time if we stay united and focus on the blessings we already have. I feel happy when I hear ‘Jee Le’ has succeeded in making someone somewhere more joyful and less tense. Isn’t that the true purpose of music anyway?”


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