Sana Khan on her breakup with Melvin Louis: He was cheating on me


Sana Khan and Melvin Louis have broken up. It was Sana who broke up with him citing that he cheated on her. The actress was in a relationship with the renowned choreographer for a while now. But trouble in paradise soon began to take place. It was in December last year that we reported that Sana has unfollowed Melvin on the social media app, Instagram. The two have been sharing a lot of videos and pictures together, loved-up and gush worthy. Now, as per the report, Sana has herself broken up with him.

While talking to an entertainment portal, Sana revealed, “I broke up with Melvin because he was cheating on me. I had loved him with all my heart and was committed to him. What I got in return has disturbed and shaken me. I have developed anxiety issues and am dealing with depression ever since.”

Sana Khan has been hearing rumours about Melvin cheating on her but ignored it when the latter insisted on it being nothing more than false rumour. The duo had broken up earlier but got back together. And now, she says that for the last time, she has decided to move on. “I ended the relationship. I have come to know that he (Melvin) has already moved on with somebody else.”

Taking to her Instagram handle, Sana shared a heartfelt post wherein she wrote, “This is my first n it has taken a lot of courage from me to come out n speak the truth. Coz there were so many people who believed in this relation n showed so much love n respect but unfortunately I didn’t get it from where I should have gotten.
This man is dirt n he is disgusting unfortunately it took me a year to find out coz I believed in him blindly.
I have taken a stand for myself coz if I won’t no one will 🙂
He is a compulsive cheater n a compulsive liar n this is his regular thing to do with everyone for his fame n popularity.
This is the original content with no fabrication but be ready for the covers on this 🙌🏼
Ps: cheated on me with multiple girls since may/June which I lately discovered but there is one girl tht shocked me the most n I knw her #shameonyou miss **** I will def tell the world ur name so atleast others knw u before they collab with you 🤮
Upbringing matters a lot 👊🏼
He wanted to marry me and have babies what would he teach my son n daughter??? toxicrelationship #cheappeople.” Have a look at the post here:

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