Sherlyn Chopra gets trolled for taking a stand in favour of CAA


With the booming social media, comes the cursed trolls. Famous or infamous, trolls always attack you. An influencer or a celebrity generally gets trolled for their choice of content.

Actor-Producer, Sherlyn Chopra recently got trolled for taking a stand in favour of CAA. She chose to voice her opinion on Twitter after which some naysayers mocked her stand.

While many others had encouraging comments to offer for her firm, unbiased opinion about CAA. Sherlyn posted, “CAA doesn’t pose any threat to the citizens of India, it’s meant for those immigrants who have come to India from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan to find relief from religious persecution. CAA is not Anti-Muslim, let’s first understand what CAA stands for and then act accordingly.”

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The post garnered mixed reactions. Sherlyn has been known to pay no attention to her naysayers. She understands that trolls feed on attention which is what fuels their negativity. And so, Sherlyn has consciously chosen to respond only to the positive comments on her stand for CAA.

Sherlyn was applauded for raising awareness about CAA. Despite all the negativity often visible on social media, it’s women like Sherlyn who skim through the dark and emerge as strong individuals who choose on purpose to empower people with their fearlessness and fierceness.

Sherlyn recently turned into a Producer-Actor. She has her own Mobile App which is available on Apple App Store & Google Play Store, on which she showcases glamourous videos and highly entertaining short films.


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