The fitness style guru Sahil Sultan


Sahil Sultan who came for a lower-middle-class family. Who at times stayed in an Autorichaw during his childhood, has not just learned from the struggles of life but has battled them well to emerge as a youth fitness and style icon.

He was graced with an abundance of cuteness from his childhood, for which he was pampered as a kid by many parents and loved by all. As he grew to become a handsome hunk, he went through the financial hardships faced by his family and at the same time understood, his interest and passion for fitness, good health, strength, and endurance.

Belonging to a lower-middle-class family and everyone in the family been involved to earned their wages, Sahil didn’t have the luxurious of following a effective diet and taking care of his nutritional intake. He had to make with whatever local food was available handy. Despite that, he was successful to change his physical into a Macho six-pack bodybuilder with an intense workout and become an ideal to the local and elite class fitness freaks for his achievements despite the hindrances he faced.

His belief in hard work was so strong that he was confident that despite the fact that he is not able to consume nutritionally very rich meals, his regular workout will tone him, give him the adrenal rush that he is looking for, with fitness and enormous strength.

His belief that each one of us has to be their own fitness trainer motivated several youths and his natural instinct of style and elegant dressing sense made him an apple of eyes with millions of youth in no time.

His pleasing smile, humble expression, and glowing skin and clear features brought him several die-hard fans who worship him and idols his fitness regime.


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