“The multilayered characters And crazy plot genre of Bekaaboo season 2 won’t let the audience leave their seats” says, Director Aarambhh M Singh.


Bekaaboo Season 2

Bekaaboo Season 2 is a phycho-thriller directed by Aarambhh M Singh. It will be releasing on ALTBalaji OTT on March 15th 2021. It actors like Taher Shabbir, Priya Banerjee, Subha Rajput, Poulomi Das, Taha shah, Smaran Sahu and Tushar Khanna in key role. ALTBalaji decided to make season 2 of Bekaaboo after immense success of season one. But they carry forwarded only Priya Banerjee from the previous season to this. Aarambhh Singh says “when we decided to put together the second season ofcourse we wanted it to be bigger than the first one. So whether it’s the story or choice of actors we wanted it to be interesting. Thus we picked faces which has been new to ALT platform to give audience something new to watch. While Taher Shabbir and Samaran Sahu has been seen in Netflix film like ‘Guilty’ and shows like “Masaba Masaba” , Taha shah who began his career with Yashraj film “Luv ka the end” was roped in to play a very interesting character.
Aarambhh adds “ as far as the plot is concerned it’s extremely multilayered to keep the audience always on the edge, while we have also done something new by merging two different genres in the same series this time. What will excite people is the unpredictability of the characters and the plot. I am confident that this series will be a sure shot hit”

Poulomi Das who has been recently scene in Pauruspur is another added attraction in the show. The trailer has released on 5th March and it has already garnered enough eyeballs from everyone. 15th March is the release date of the show, its 10 episodes in total which full Masala entertainment.


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