Tripti Dimri on finally getting her due with Bulbbul says, “it put me back in the game”


Emerging as the breakthrough star ever since her Netflix film, Bulbbul, streamed last year, actor Tripti Dimri admits that it put her back on the map after her critically acclaimed film Laila Majnu, “It put me back in the game. As an actor, one only wants to be taken seriously. Now people view me with greater respect”

She also recalls how she cracked the character with the help of her director Anvita Dutt, “Actors should have the luxury of making mistakes and Anvita gave me that. We built the character brick by brick for two months.”

Talking about her character and the tough scenes in the film, Dimri says, “I researched about child brides and understood the emotional ramifications on them. The research was heartbreaking and it helped me build the suffocation Bulbbul was living through. I was dreading the sexual assault and the domestic violence scenes. Anvita wanted to see life leaving my body. Full credit to Rahul (Bose) who was the best co-actor I could have had. After every scene, he would distract me, while Anvita hugged me and cried. These scenes were the turning point in the film. After the rape scene, I bawled for 20 minutes.”


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