Udit Narayan sharing the screen with comedian Kapil Sharma along with his wife Deepa Naryan and son Aditya Narayan


Padma Shri Udit Narayan is known for his popular romantic songs like ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani’, ‘Kaho Na Pyaar’ will be seen sharing the screen with comedian Kapil Sharma along with his wife Deepa Naryan and son Aditya Narayan. Aditya who will be soon seen hosting the upcoming season of Indian Idol 11 will be seen revealing some amusing female fan following of his father and talking about their life incidences.

Aditya reveals Udit Narayan’s romantic moments on The Kapil Sharma Show
In a conversation with Kapil Aditya revealed how Udit ji used to romance with Deepa ji. He used to act filmy and stand on the rains asking Deepa ji to meet him or else he will continuing waiting for her in the heavy rains. He will be seen singing ‘Jara Der lag jaegi’ for Deepa ji.
Talking about their first meet, Deepa ji shared that she was an air hostess in Air India and used to sing simultaneously out of passion. When she heard Udit ji she got flattened and started liking. Sharing about his part Udit ji shared that he is from a farmer’s family who barely had home and money to survive. He though if he could impress the hostess he would win the world. Hence he approached her when he started liking her.

Aditya unveils white lies of his father Udit Narayan
During the show Kapil tried to enquire from Deepa ji about the person who lies most of the time. To which Aditya shared that Udit Naryan used to lie a lot between shoots. When he was young he used to have 4-4 recordings every day. Hence he used to get late at times. There he used to use all the silliest reasons like ‘Gadi puncture ho gayi’, ‘Biwi naraz hai’, ‘Pant fat gayi’, and many more.
Later family revealed that Deepa ji is the most stubborn person in the family and Udit ji has maximum female fan following in comparison to Aditya.

Udit Narayan clears rumor
Kapil tried to enquire about a rumor when a beggar got aggressive because Udit received more money for his singing than him. Confirming the same Udit ji narrated an incident when he went to a fair in his childhood. There were few singers singing for money. Someone announced a small competition wherein the singers will be paid off with 25 paisa per song. There Udit ji earned Rs. 5 which was more than the regular singers.
Kapil tried to enquire about another rumor that there were times when Aditya used to dress up with moustache like Udit ji and go for recordings. Narrating the incident Aditya shared that he used to mimick his father’s voice and have fooled a lot of people in his childhood. When he was a child he would call at the ice cream shop and order ice creams saying “Mai Udit bol raha hu, mere bete ke lie ice cream bhijwa do”.
Aditya further shared that his friends and batch mates used to tease him during his school days saying “Naaryan Naaarayan”


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