Veteran actor Prem Chopra reminisces about his life in Lahore during the pre-Independence days and wishes the team of ‘Kyu Uthe Dil Chod Aaya’ lots of love and luck


‘Partition’ is a term which still brings some bittersweet memories to the people of India. As our elders reminisce fondly about the pre-partition days, there is also, the trauma and havoc that is associated with the partition of 1947. This gives us the truest source of understanding what Partition period cost us. Sony Entertainment Television’s upcoming show Kyun Uthe Dil Chod Aaye is set in the backdrop of 1947 Lahore i.e Pre- Partition India. The story revolves around the love and dreams of three young girls- Amrit, Vashma and Radha who dared to hope and have aspirations..while the world around them was collapsing in the name of Partition.

Up until now, the show’s promos have garnered immense love from the viewers and now it has gained a new admirer. Well, veteran actor Prem Chopra needs no introduction. The acclaimed actor has been a part of the film industry for over four decades. Since, Mr. Chopra was born in Lahore and has lived through the Partition and Independence days, he, too, recently shared his personal memories from those times.

Fondly reminiscing about those times, actor Prem Chopra said, “Kyun Uthe Dil Chod Aaye
brought me back by childhood days. It filled me with joy and nostalgia. Since, my family was based out of Lahore. I remember all of us used to go to Anarkali Bazaar in our neighborhood where we all used to go to eat chaat and play with kites. Also, how my mother used to cook all the delicacies for us.
I used to live in a joint family and since my Grandfather had three sons, he had allotted a floor to each of them in one building so that the family always stays together. Watching Kyun Uthe Dil Chod Aaye was like going down the memory lane. I just want to wish all the love and luck to entire team.”

Watch Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye, from 25th January, Monday to Friday at 9 PM, only on Sony Entertainment Television.


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