Weekend Ka Vaar: Housemates witness a very painful yet hilarious waxing session in Bigg Boss


The most awaited episodes of the week, Weekend Ka Vaar never fails to disappoint! This time, the master host Salman Khan has a very unique, fun yet painful task for the housemates. The men in the house have to sit on the chair and face some tough questions. If the housemates say yes for a particular question, the contestant it is attributed to is waxed! 

First up is Rahul Mahajan, and the question he faces is whether he likes Nikki more than Rakhi. The house answers yes, and Rakhi rips out the waxing strip on Rahul’s arms. Eijaz is next, who has Rubina rip a healthy amount of hair in the most painful fashion. Rubina is relentless in this task, as she very slowly rips out a chunk of hair out her hubby Abhinav’s arm. Even host Salman winces at Abhinav’s pain! Next is Aly, as Salman asks the housemates whether Aly loves Jasmin! The housemates say a loud and resounding yes as Aly bids a painful goodbye to a considerable bunch of hair from his arm!

Next is a call from the junta where a fan asks Rubina whether she trusts Jasmin the same as she dd when they both entered the show? Rubina says that while she still counts Jasmin as a friend, she trusts her less than what she used to. Jasmin does not take this in a good spirit and the two enter into a heated fight. Jasmin accuses Rubina of being a dominant bully, while Rubina says that she is just demonizing her.

Will Jasmin and Rubina end up being the next big rivals in Bigg Boss?

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