Weekend Ka Vaar sees Salman Khan give a Tameez Ka Dose to contestants


It’s that time in the Bigg Boss House when the master host Salman Khan takes charge and sets things alright. From contestants going out of bounds, to taking the  contestants to task, Salman Khan ensures that things are kept in check. Salman starts off the episode by telling the contestants that they are not behaving well and being rather ‘Badtameez’. He says that its not time to give a Tameez Ka Dose. The housemates can fill a syringe and give the Tameez Ka Dose to those whom they feel need it most!

First up is Rubina who feels that Arshi Khan deserves the dose for spoiling the mood in the house. While Arshi walks away, Salman asks Rubina to chase her and deliver the much-needed Tameez ka Dose. Rubina also gives the same dose to Rakhi for using offensive language. Next, Rahul Mahajan also says that Arshi and Rakhi deserve that dose. Rakhi is hurt by Rahul’s action as she feels he is a friend.  Eijaz and Abhinav also choose Arshi and Rakhi as recipients of the dose. Aly, too, thinks that Rakhi deserves the dose and needs to clean up her act. Kashmera gives the dose to Nikki because she feels Nikki is rude to her. Even Rahul Vaidya chooses to give the dose to his old friend in the house, Nikki. Rakhi, who has had a recent clash with Nikki delivers the Tameez Ka Dose to her and says that Nikki is discrediting all the work she has done in the past 15 years.

The next topic for debate is Arshi’s actions towards Vikas which prompted him to push her into the swimming pool. Salman asks all the housemates whether Arshi talking about Vikas’ mother was appropriate. None of the housemates agree that Arshi was right. While Salman does not judge Vikas’ actions, he says that if Arshi did the same to him, he would have done the same. Salman makes it clear that no one in the house can say anything to anyone’s parents.

The interaction with Salman Khan weighs heavy on all the housemates especially Arshi. Will Arshi improve her conduct? Will the Tameez Ka Dose have any effect on the housemates?

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