“Working in ‘Gidh’ pushed my creative boundaries,” says actor Sana Jafri


Zee Theatre brings acclaimed director and producer Kanwal Khoosat’s teleplay ‘Gidh’ to Airtel Spotlight on February 28 at 2pm & 6 pm. The play revolves around two women protagonists bound together by their shared miseries of life in a patriarchal society. The teleplay starring Sana Jafri, Rasti Farooq, and Adeel Afzal delves into the life of Saleema and an unexpected visitor Salma who claims to be her sister-in-law.

As the plot unfolds, both the women share the trials of their respective lives which they had to undergo because of the same man – Junaid, Salma’s brother, and Saleema’s husband. Together, they decide to do put an end to their suffering. What in fact transpires changes one of their lives forever, but not in a predictable way.

Sana says, “Working with Kanwal has been definitely the best experience of my life because she brought out the creative aspects in me that I didn’t even know could translate onto the screen. Each line that Kanwal wrote had two or more meanings and it was tough to express them all without actually saying what the character was going through.”
The teleplay format, she says, was tricky because she is a trained theatre actor but Kanwal blended the two genres and translated them harmoniously for the small screen.

Kanwal also helped her to push her creative boundaries. Sana adds, “We rehearsed the teleplay just like we do in theatre and that process was very helpful. Also, the fact that we were a team of five women helped. Whenever we got stuck creatively, our art director, Kanwal, myself, Rasti, and our assistant shared our real-life experiences with each other which helped us to move forward. This exchange made it easy for us to relate to the experiences of Saleema and Salma and to embody them. This ensemble of five amazing women who had so much to share with each other really helped me as an actor.”


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