Sharmila Tagore: Taimur Will Be Neglected Once Virat-Anushka Have A Baby


Sharmila Tagore was the special guest on daughter-in-law Kareena Kapoor Khan’s radio show, What Women Want.

While discussing the paparazzi and Taimur Ali Khan, Tagore said that as he is young right now, he remains unaffected. “But by the time he is a little older and understands, the constant attention might prove to be troublesome for him… tomorrow, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma will have a child and Taimur might be neglected,” quipped Tagore.

Bebo hoped this happens. But Tim is the paparazzi’s favourite and he is sure to remain one in the years to come.

In related news, now, a doll will play the mother on a TV show. Vijay Jain, the name behind the Taimur dolls, has specially made one for the upcoming show, Meri Gudiya. In the show starring Aalisha Panwar and Gaurav S Bajaj, child actor Jenisha Bhadhuri cuddles up to a doll who she considers mommy.


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