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O2 (2022 film)

OTT provides television and ilm content over the internet at the request and to suit the requirements of the individual consumer. So the benefit of OTT platform is that it not only provides content in hindi language but also provides in any other language as per preference . So here now we have more varieties so see on OTT

One such content is O2 . For the fans of regional movies of India , OTT platform Disney+Hotstar is now streaming a unique survival-themed film called O2.Starring Tamil superstar Nayanthara,the movie offers a different plot and subject matter than what you are generally used to . The movie also casts YouTube child star Ritvick, who plays the role of Nayanthara’s son.

Although the film initially opened to mixed reviews, the performance of Nayanthara’s and the overall theme of the movie has been largely appreciated .

O2 as the name itself suggest oxygen . This film talks about its importance. A group of people get trapped in a landslide while they all are travelling from Coimbatore to Cochin. Parvathy (Nayanthara) is a single mom to 8-year-old Veera (Rithvik), who suffers from cystic fibrosis. Veera can breathe easily and happily with the help of an oxygen cylinder.

Similarly, there’s a couple waiting to elope, an ex-MLA (RNR Manohar), a corrupt police officer (Bharath Neelakandan), and a bus driver (Aadukalam Murgadoss) and a few others.

All these people want to live their life and are not bothered about the rest of them on the same bus. When it comes to saving their lives, they begin unleashing their cruel and ruthless side of them. This starts leaving each other in shock and here comes the mother who have to save her son as he is already falling short of breath.

It definitely doesn’t make you anxious for those people who are trapped there in the bus but makes you laugh for some scenes that aren’t worked on properly. After s point, you won’t feel anything for the characters and instead, you start disconnecting yourself with them.

Story explained in the movie is nice but not screenplayed properly so director must have worked on it.

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