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Priyanka revealed the deserving winner of Bigg Boss 16 between Shiv and Stan

Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary was asked about if she would have preferred losing the trophy to Shiv Rather than MC.

She said,” It would be a mean answer but Shiv as I said earlier that he’s deserving but I and Shiv are competitors.”

She further stated,” Both of us didn’t get, MC got it. I would say that two cats kept on fighting and the monkey took advantage of it.”

She clarifies,” Though I’m not calling him a monkey but it’s just a proverb.”

She added,” I didn’t get it. My perception was that Shiv deserved it definitely but the game is about the personality, how you’re as an individual.”

She continued saying,” If people have loved MC Stan like that and it was in people’s hand to vote and make him the winner, so I totally respect that decision.”

“Wholeheartedly I do accept that MC is the winner. Then if someone says whether he’s deserving or not, dude I don’t care “

Priyanka said,” First thing it’s over now. The trophy has gone to him and this is all matters. Now how’s the trophy with him for that I presume that the audiences have loved him so much.”

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