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Shahid Kapoor on Completing 20 years in Film Industry

Shahid Kapoor has completed 20 year’s in the film Industry.

He spoke on his view of his journey and said,” It’s been pretty psychotic. When I look at my own career, I’m like what was I thinking with some of the choices like Kamine followed up by Hadippa.”

He revealed,” Even Haider followed up by R. Rajkumar. I don’t know what’s going on with me.”

He spoke,” So it’s been a learning curve and I hope that I can I know sometimes it’s not welcome but I keep telling Meera and Ishan a lot of times that I have committed lot of mistakes and let me tell you guys so that you won’t repeat it “

He added,” But they’re like go to hell we are our own people and we’ll make our own choices. But you learn from your mistakes.”

He shared,” I have made many mistakes and I’m very proud of you know the last 20 years.”

He even said,” I feel very lucky and there’s lot of gratitude that I have that I’m here 20 years later.”

He says,” I’m very proud of some of the works that I have done in terms of quality of work. I’m generally proud of everything that I have done.”

“Because everything is a stepping stone to get to where you want to get. I feel like I’m very young at heart as an artist. I think there’s a lot left within me to express.”

He added,” I’m very quietly ambitious and I don’t like to shout and jump and make noise. That’s not my style.”

He said,” I like my work speak for itself. But there’s still a lot of ambition within. How it will unfold only time will tell but yeah there’s lot more to do I feel.”

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