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Sumbul evicted from Bigg Boss 16

In today’s episode of Bigg Boss 16, Karan Johar brings in a lot of fun and tension. He puts the contestants in the witness box and asks them several questions. However, towards the end of the episode he announces that one of the contestants will be leaving the show.

Sumbul doesn’t enter the top 7 and gets evicted in the latest episode leaving everyone in a deep state of shock. Bigg Boss 16 finally has its top 6 with Sumbul Touqeer leaving the house. The news came out as a shock to the Mandali members.

She cried happy tears saying that she didn’t wanted anyone else leaving the house because of the mistakes in made in the last task. “Main khush hoon ke me jaa rahi hu and mere galti ke wajah se koi aur nahi jaa raha,” she added.

Sumbul said that she wants to leave the house happily and doesn’t want anyone to cry.

Karan Johar praised the Imlie actress for coming so far in the journey at the age of 19. She says that her fans love her a lot and wanted her to win the show. Shiv, Stan and Nimrit got sad after the actress left. They then bid adieu to the actress.

Later, everyone got happy realising that they are the top 6. Shiv says that Sumbul is a younger sister to her and he will miss her a lot. Towards the end of the episode, Archana and Shalin got into a tiff over the elimination and last nomination task.

Sumbul’s exit has left her fans shocked. They have taken to Twitter to praise Sumbul, who was the youngest contestant on the show, and also share their reaction to her elimination.Sharing a video of him uninstalling various apps, where he used to watch Bigg Boss 16, a Sumbul fan tweeted after her reported exit from the show, “Uninstall Voot, tata tata bye bye.”

Another one tweeted, “Finally, she is going to be with her people, who truly love her!!” Many others also used the hashtag ‘welcome home Sumbul’, with as many 180,000 tweets shared on the microblogging site within hours of Sumbul’s reported exit from Bigg Boss 16.

The remaining contestants are Archana Gautam, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, MC Stan, Shalin Bhanot, Shiv Thakare. The grand finale of Bigg Boss 16 will be held on February 12.

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