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Aly and Jasmin on their fights,” We always have a mid-way”

Jasmine and Aly had revealed about similarities and contrast in their personalities and it’s effect on their relationship.

Jasmine said,” We are similar because of the journey we’ve had. Whatever we are today, he’s a self-made guy and I’m a self-made girl. And the kind of struggles we’ve had are very similar, the never give up attitude that is similar and that fire of ambition the amount that I have in me I see that equally im within him.”

She elaborated saying,” For all these things, I respect him because it’s like mirror mirror on the wall and it also makes it easier to understand each other when we have to take decisions.”

Talking about their fights, Aly said,” We don’t fight. Touchwood. Like in last one we have had probably one or two petty arguments and that too ends in 5 minutes.”

He explained,” She’s similar to me in terms that when I see that there’s something like fight happening, I’ll change that to something else. And we try to finish off that argument. We never stretched the fights so it ended there itself.”

Jasmin responded saying,” Fights never bring solutions. So to reach to a solution when both of us are in calm state of mind, we talk, we discuss it out, but at that moment no.”

Jasmine said,” There are a lot of disagreements like we have to go for the vacations here or Shipp there.”

Revealing about their fights, Aly said,” Like we want to Paris and the whole four days my mood was off because I don’t like Paris.”

Jasmin intervenes saying,” Ya, he likes more or Amsterdam or London but we don’t fight on disagreements. We don’t fight on things like if I want to go and have succi, why are you not interested when we’ve come so long and stuffs like that.”

Jasmin says,” We have a mid ground for everything like I can have succi in the other restaurants and he can have his food in the other and eventually we’ll meet mid-way and that’s the best way. “

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