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Ananya Panday to play fashion expert in new show, roasts Varun Dhawan for his boxers in teaser

Ananya Panday stars in the new Prime Video series ‘Call Me Bae’, the first glimpse of which was shared on Instagram on Thursday. The promo which shows banter between her and Varun Dhawan around all things fashion and clothes, sees Ananya Panday as the ‘fashion expert’ giving a Meryl Streep-inspired monologue to Varun Dhawan about the origin of his boxers.

Taking to Instagram to share the first glimpse of the show, the streaming platform wrote in the caption, “pakki khabar hai guys, (It’s confirmed news) @ananyapanday is the new fashionista in the primeverse! watch this first glimpse and stay tuned #CallMeBae New Series, Now Filming! #PrimeBae.” The video starts with Varun directly addressing the audience to reveal the new show titled Call Me Bae, to which Ananya interrupts and says to call ‘ME’ Bae since it is her show where she plays a ‘total fashion expert’. Varun then whispers that just because she calls designer Manish Malhotra her ‘chachu’ (uncle) she is not a fashion expert!

Their banter moves ahead when Varun giggles as Ananya tries to finalize between two blue belts with her stylist. She turns back offended by the unnecessary laughter and goes on to channel her Miranda Priestly avatar (the iconic character played by actor Meryl Streep in 2006’s The Devil Wears Prada) to roast Varun about his ‘chomu blue boxer’ that was packed by an ‘unpaid intern’ for him by the ‘fashion log (people)’ he disses. Varun then tries to calm her down and calls her ‘Meryl Panday’ and says, “She is going to kill it in Call Me Bae.” To which Ananya says, “I know!”

The video received a number of responses in the comment section, where some loved the cute banter between Ananya and Varun while others found the direct inspiration from The Devil Wears Prada unfathomable. A comment read, “hehe this is so cute and our prime bae is super cutttoo,” while another said, “Mr. Bae is the cutest (red heart emoticons).” Meanwhile some users also left their mixed reactions in the comments. “Nope. Just NO. Remove that dialogue from her mouth. Not acceptable,” read a comment, while another user said, “Another show for south Bombay audience.”

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